Collaborate, create, perform

DDP is open to artistic collaborations of any kind! Want to make some process art by painting with your hair to live music? Want to join forces for a dance-marathon fund-raiser? Re-enact the last school board meeting as set in a post-apocalyptic future Fairbanks? Host an out of town musician, artist, or dancer? Contact us with some details and we'll help make your dreams come true! Flexible pricing arrangements and bartering can be negotiated on an case-by-case basis.

Let's make some art!

Current weekly classes


Belly curious? Learn a smattering of different improvisational styles and short dance phrases designed to improve self-esteem, body confidence, resiliency, spatial awareness, team work, and quick thinking. No dance experience required. All bodies/genders are welcome!

Registration for Spring 2019 classes has closed. For more information on Brighton's belly dance offerings and performances, please visit Cold Fusion Tribal Dance.

Workshop offerings


Using this motto as a focus, we will discuss and do hands (or body!)-on activities to teach a beginner's mindset and how to work THROUGH fear instead of against it. This customizable 1-2 hours workshop is suitable for any art form. It can be offered as a stand-alone or as a perfect complement to any of the other DDP workshops for a full-day creativity extravaganza! Material is tailored toward the arts but is applicable to any human endeavor!


Do you have a hard time switching off? Trouble sleeping at night? Tortured artist syndrome? Bliss out for two hours with this trance-dance based workshop. You will learn a number of trance techniques informed by powerful folk rituals, neuro-science, and the art form of Butoh. Reach your full artistic potential by learning to let go. This workshop is limited to 10 participants at a time.


If you art alone in a forest, does anyone care? Many of DDP's workshops are "art for art's sake" oriented. This workshop is for the serious creator who desires organized feedback in order to perfect their talent. This lab-style workshop will entail a panel of artists from the community and either small-group or one-on-one feedback on the creative process. This is not an expert panel or technique session. It is geared toward independent artists who seek feedback on the process itself and may not have access to a ready group of peers who can provide this level of objective critique. Panel artists will be trained in Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process.


Are you the zumba gal who always wants to make suggestions in class? An avid follower of Dancing with the Stars? Took one ballet class when you were 7 and always meant to take another "one day"? In this Entry Level dance workshop we will create our own dance language together and you will become empowered to be a dancer for one day. This 1-2 hours workshop is a great intro to DDP style workshops or a wonderful team-building experience even if you never dance again (but we hope you will)!


Un-chain yourself from a creative rut by hosting or participating in this two hour long creativity workshop for dancers of ANY movement style. We will think about dance in new ways to break out of old movement habits. Inspired by modern dance and comedic improv principles, this workshop is suitable for any level of experience from none to professional. 90-120 minutes. This is Brighton's favorite workshop!


This is a straight-up intro to belly dance workshop. Brighton's primary training is in the world of belly dance from Turkish Oriental to American Cabaret and improvisational group styles to tribal fusion. She has studied with masters of the genre and offers this carousel of dances hailing from folk and classical genres of the Silk Road, near and far East, and North America. This 1-2 hours workshop can be customized to present a taster of many styles or to focus on folk, classical, or modern. We will learn foundational concepts of the chosen style(s) and then follow the bouncing butt! No choreography memorization-- just fun, sweaty, joyous movement to awesome music!