Historical artifacts

The Luxury of Suffering (2013) was an independently written, acted, and directed play in the Fairbanks community sponsored by Revive the Red Tent. The project tackled the subject of fear... the lengths we go to in hiding it and from it and how we need it in our lives. This piece evolved into a number of sister productions including "Fragile Nightmares," a dance duet performed on an international festival stage in California by Jillazanne and Brighton Brooks. It served as one of the catalysts for the creation of Delirium Dance Productions.



Heart Machine was a theatrical dance trio created by a number of collaborators and performed (right) by LesleyD, Jillazanne, and Brighton Brooks in the summer of 2014. This piece explored love from a machine's perspective. Can it be programmed? Can it exist without conflicting parameters? 

The Company of Wolves evolved in 2015 as a pre-cursor and stand-alone companion to the House of Stone show. A revolving cast of dancers primarily from Dance Revolution Crew created and performed this routine with direction by Brighton Brooks using Amy Sigil's "In the Moment" choreography technique. This style involves every day mundane motions taken to extremes and manipulated with different qualities of space, time, relation and action to tell the story of a family of wolves haunted by the death of their patriarch. 
C2D was performed only once at Tundra Caravan's 2015 "Cymbal Salam" community performance. This routine about forgiveness was over a year in the making through intense collaboration between dance partners Brighton Brooks and Elizabeth Palatino. The beautiful gunmetal dresses were created by Althena of BenneGezerittDesigns and the makeup concept executed by Jillazanne. The choreography was an experimental mixture of styles ranging from modern to tribal fusion belly dance. Forever may we dance with the ghosts we leave behind.